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ProPrimer 575, ProSeal 770, ProSeal 896, ProSeal 898

Plastering and rendering your home is a major investment, in time, money and resources. When it comes to the sealing, you want to make sure that you use the best products for the job. The end result needs to look great and be reliable and sturdy.

Water Based Concrete Sealers have three products that are best used for plaster and render sealing. When choosing which product is best for you, take into account the materials that your plaster is made from. For example, lime based plaster need breathable sealers so that carbonation can continue to occur and so that excess moisture can escape over time.

Pro Primer 575 is designed to be used on sand finished plasters. It will strengthen and stabilise the render. The treated surface will be ready for painting. The product is compatible with cementious surfaces and can be used as an admix to accelerate curing and add strength.

Pro-Seal 770 is a cement compatible binder and is ideal for use on screeds and plaster for colour enhancement and increased durability and strength.

Both Pro-Seal 898 and Pro-Seal 896 can be used on all types of plasters. They protect against staining and are also breathable which means that they can omit moisture when necessary without blistering. Pro-Seal 896 is best suited to high breathability use, while Pro-Seal 898 has greater water repellency properties.

Both products leave your product with a beautiful satin sheen. They can also be buffed to achieve a high gloss finish.
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