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Decorative Concrete
Burnished Concrete, Exposed Aggregate, Coloured Concrete, Honed Concrete and other Decorative Concrete

ProSeal 770, ProSeal 896, ProSeal 898

Our products are ideal to seal decorative concrete surfaces. They penetrate the concrete’s surface and provide excellent protection from household stains. Sealing your decorative concrete with our products stops your surfaces from delaminating or discolouring. All of our sealing products are compatible and can be used in different layered combinations to deliver the best sealing system for your needs.

Our sealers protect, beautify and enhance your surfaces. They leave your driveways, paths and others surfaces with a durable and aesthetic finish. Our decorative concrete sealers are suitable for honed and coloured concrete as well as exposed aggregate.
Pro-Seal 770 is completely compatible with cements and is a UV stable sealer and binder.

It can be used as a base coat on all oxidated coloured concrete surfaces to enhance and stabilise the colour of the concrete. It can also be used as a first coat on highly porous concrete to reduce water absorption rates prior to application of ProSeal 896 or ProSeal 898 top coats.

Pro-Seal 896 has been designed to provide excellent resistance to staining without significantly reducing the breathability of your surface. Surfaces may be concrete, limestone, or even wood.
Pro-Seal 896 can be used as a top coat over Pro-Seal 770, or as a stand alone sealer on plain concrete slabs. It will improve water retention on new concrete slabs and allow for improved curing, and it minimises surface cracks.

Pro-Seal 898 is based on the same structure as the ProSeal 896 but has a smaller individual polymer size to create a tighter cross-linking structure. This allows for increased stain resistance and helps to repel water more efficiently. It will also provide a much higher gloss finish on smooth, dense surfaces.

Pro-Seal 898 can be used as a final coat over Pro-Seal 770 or Pro-Seal 896 when a gloss finish is desired; or as a final coat over Pro-Seal 770 or Pro-Seal 896 to increase the water repellency. It is also excellent as a stand alone sealer for high gloss surfaces.
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