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Paved Surfaces Clean & Seal (Same Day)
Paved surfaces, same day clean and seal

Pro-Seal 770, Pro-Seal 896, Pro-Seal 898

The water based range of products are ideally suited to the Clean and Seal trade. All of the WBCS products have been designed specifically for use on wet surfaces. You can seal the surface as soon as pressure cleaning is completed – there is no need to wait for the surface to dry.

If you are sealing a highly porous surface such as coarse concrete pavers or liquid limestone, we recommend that you first apply Pro-Seal 770. This allows the larger pores of the material to be filled and more of the final seal of the coat is kept at surface level.

Pro-Seal 896 is recommended for use as a final sealer coat over Pro-Seal 770. It can be used on its own too, and suits most porous surfaces. Pro-Seal 896 is designed to coat and protect the surface of your structure and keep out stains. It allows breathability which permits moisture to escape through the seal and lets the materials stay dry. This high breathability factor also ensures that the sealer will not break away from the surface.

Pro-Seal 898 utilises the same ground breaking components as Pro-Seal 896 but contains polymer chains that are only about 10% of the size. It is fantastic to seal solid natural stone products or polished concrete surfaces such as driveways. It can be used on top of Pro-Seal 770 or Pro-Seal 896 to achieve a high gloss finish.
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