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Pro Seal 896 - Australian Concrete Sealer

Australian Concrete Sealer - Cure Assist Concrete Sealing

What Is Cure Assist Concrete Sealing?

Water Based Sealers Cure-Assist Sealing combines three very important processes into one easy application for your concrete. The Water Based Sealer Same Day of pour sealing process gives you 3 actions in one easy to apply application. The process has been tested by Boral Science Labs resulting in a 32% moisture retention that helps concrete to cure more controllably, it provides Immediate Stain Protection from day 1, and increases the top 2mm of the concrete surface resulting in Anti-Dusting of the concrete surface.  Better concrete starts with WBS Pro Seal 896

Triple Action Saves Time And Money

Water Based Sealers Pro Seal 896 is an Australian Concrete Sealer with Triple Action resulting in better safer concrete.  Concrete that is not sealed properly can begin to Dust resulting in an unsafe home or work place.  Dusting Concrete is now known to be a health concern, Untreated concrete can also stain more easily resulting in lowering its overall value.   WBS Pro Seal 896 will offer Cure-Assistance, Immediate Stain Protection and Anti-Dusting qualities all in 1 easy to apply step with no toxic fumes.  Triple Action saves you time and money and results in higher quality concrete. An essential ingredient in all concrete curing reactions is water. Without water, the curing reactions stop. The longer the water is retained in the slab, the more complete the curing and the stronger the concrete becomes.

The World’S Best Concrete Sealer

Last up to 10 years, Provides Unrivalled Stain Protection from day 1, Cure-Assistance and Anti-Dusting Treatment.  Concrete sealed with WBS Pro Seal 896 is the best way to treat your concrete assets.
Australian Concrete Sealer for same day of pour sealing
Pro Seal 896 - 4 Litres
Mixed at 1:4 with Water
100m2 average coverage

Pro Seal 896 - 20 Litres
Mixed at 1:4 with Water
500m2 average coverage
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