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Natural Stone
Dense Natural Stone – For professional use only.

ProSeal 898

When you are working with beautiful stone products you need to use superior sealers to protect them. Water Based Concrete Sealers provide Pro-Seal 898 Concentrate as part of their range. It is designed specifically for dense natural stone surfaces.

Stone Wall Sealers
Pro-Seal 898 is ideal for use on feature stone and for subtle colour enhancement and sheen on stone walls and stone features. It helps to enhance any stone structure whether indoor or outdoor. Pro-Seal 898 protects your stonework from the elements.

Stone Flooring
The sealer can be used on floors. It is hygienic, safe, and easy to apply No toxic substances are released form the product and it is completely safe and eco-friendly.

Bench Top Stone Sealing
Natural stone is beautiful and will compliment any décor. It is often seen in modern homes and it enhances any setting. Stone bench tops are a major feature of many beautiful kitchens.

As stone tops are used for food preparation it is vital that the sealer is hygienic and safe for use around food. Food surfaces must be able to withstand the wear and tear of every day use. That is where Pro-Seal 898 comes in. When it is correctly applied the sealer penetrates deeply into the bench tops surface and creates a seal that is enduring and long wearing. If you have a commercial bench top or your stone top receive high use the sealant can be reapplied every 3-5 years.
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