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Pro Seal 770 - Outrivals Bunnings Concrete Sealer

Polished Concrete Grouting Process Binder
OutRivals Bunnings Concrete Sealer

Water Based Sealer Pro Seal 770 is light years ahead of it's rival Bunnings Concrete Sealer

is a 100% pure Acrylic Polymer / Super-Plasticiser that is 100% UV stable. WBS Pro Seal 770 is a formula that has no rival and is used during the wet grout honing and polishing process to create a UV stable fine finish.

WBS Pro Seal 770 mixes and chemically reacts with wet grinding dust to produce a fine hard finish in preparation for the final polishing & sealing process by filling small holes within the surface and having the curing polymer compound holding the grout tightly to the surface.

Pro Seal 770 contributes to the overall clarity to achieve a crystal-clear appearance of polished concrete by being a 100% Acrylic concentrate.

Commercial Cure-Assist Sealing And Higher Gloss

Unique to the Water Based Sealers Brand

With a 10 year Nation-wide Commercially Proven Track Record.  Some concrete surfaces require a higher gloss level and WBS Pro Seal 770 provides this result. When a higher gloss level is desired seal new concrete first with WBS Pro Seal 770 and apply the Second Coat 24hrs later with WBS Pro Seal 898 for best results.  Lowers the maintenance for higher gloss concrete surfaces.

The Professionals Choice For Better Concrete

Pro Seal 770 Rivals Bunnings Concrete Sealer with it's 100% pure Acrylic Polymer that is 100% UV Stable
Pro Seal 770 - 4 Litres
Mixed at 1:4 with Water
100m2 average coverage

Pro Seal 770 - 20 Litres
Mixed at 1:4 with Water
500m2 average coverage
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