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You need to select the best type of paving sealer for your surface to ensuring that the paving is aesthetic as well as durable. Breathability is vital with pavers as the gaps between the pavers are all spots that water can easily enter. As water rises to the surface it needs to be able to escape to prevent discolouration, and / or sealer delamination.
Discolouration usually appears when the edges of the paver are a different colour than their middle. Reconstituted concrete and limestone pavers are often affected by water as the water seeps through these products from the cement contained in the paver.

Water Based Sealers
Our water based sealers are suitable for most forms of clay, concrete, natural stone, and reconstituted limestone pavers. The sealers are acrylic co-polymer and penetrate the material.

A matrix develops below the surface and remains for the life of the paver. To rebuild the wear layer, a maintenance coat every 3-5 years is recommended. The porosity of the materials used for construction determines what product is best for you. Contact us if you have any questions.

Using Pro-Seal 770 as a base coat on highly porous pavers to reduce the porousness. Examples of highly porous pavers are porous natural limestone, reconstituted limestone, sandstone and coarse concrete pavers such brick pavers. Pro-Seal 770 will enhance colours in natural materials such as sandstone and oxide coloured concrete pavers without making the surface look artificial. For best results Pro-Seal 770 should always be sealed over with ProSeal 896 or Pro-Seal 898.

Pro-Seal 896 is by far the most vital product to use when sealing pavers. It is designed to keep out most stains but will also allow the product to breathe. This allows the pavers to dry after rain or when there is rising damp. It minimises the growth of mould and mildew, and stops peeling and efflorescence. Use ProSeal 896 as a standalone sealer on clay, dense concrete, and most natural stone pavers.

Use Pro-Seal 898 only on dense stone and polished concrete pavers, or over the top of Pro-Seal 770 or Pro-Seal 896. Pro-Seal 898 is a good option as a final coat if higher levels of gloss are desired or low vapour permeability is desirable.

We recommend using Pro Primer 575 on sand finished plaster to stabilise and strengthen the render. Your treated surfaces will develop strength and elasticity similar to an acrylic rendered surface. A treatment with ProPrimer 575 will also thoroughly prime the surface ready for painting. It is cementitious compatible and can therefore be used as an admix to add strength and accelerate curing.

Pro-Seal 770 is a cementitious binder and as such can be used in plasters and screeds for increased strength and colour enhancement.

Use Pro-Seal 896 and Pro-Seal 898 for all your plaster sealing applications. Both products will protect plaster against staining but are breathable, so they will let out moisture when needed without blistering. They are ideal for Venetian plasters and lime based plasters as they will permit some gas diffusion for carbonation.
For high breathability use Pro-Seal 896. If water repellency is important to you or your client Pro-Seal 898 is best. These products will leave a satin sheen on the surface or can be buffed to achieve a high gloss finish for a great look that lasts.
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